4 new solar power plants
Four new built solar power plants individual power 150 kWh are connected to the distribution network. The release of new power plants has used part of the capacity to build, and we now have the potential to build the remaining 4 solar power plants at the Hodovo site, Municapility of Stolac. In the coming period, additional investments are planned to expand existing capacities in the renewable energy sector.

Certificate of Appreciation
Eco Energy is one of BiH’s 10 largest foreign investors for 2021. year, winner of the award at the „Selection of the most important investor in BiH“ event in Sarajevo, organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Foreign Investment in BiH (FIPA). On this occasion, we were awarded a certificate of appreciation as a domestic company with foreign capital and an investor from the diaspora, which invests in BiH and contributes to the economic development of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the rise of economic indicators based on these investments.

Construction 4 new solar power plants
UFor construction 4 new solar power plants capacity of 150kW at the site Hodovo, municipality Stolac, preparatory actions are in the process.
At the moment we have all the permits necessary to start construction and the next actions are taking concrete measures for connection to the power grid of the competent Electric Power Company.
Project should be implemented by June of the current year.

Construction of solar power plants in the Municipality of Stolac
The first four solar power plants of 150 kW installed have been built for which we have all the necessary permits and they are connected to the electricity grid with the consent of the competent Electric Power Company. The investment in the construction of the remaining eight solar power plants is planned, while the dynamics of construction will depend on the possibility of connection to the electricity grid.

JULY 2016
Construction of solar power plants in the Municipality of Stolac
Two solar powerplants of installed capacity of 150 kWh have been constructed at the site Hodovo – municipality Stolac and conditions for connection have been provided.Requests forconnection to the electricity network have been submitted to the competentElectric power company.
The Company Eco Energyhave bought the land in order to construct additional six solar power plants ofindividual power of 150 kWh with all elaborations, projects and building permits.

MAY 2014
ISO 9001: 2008 Certificate for the Production of Electricity
The company ECO ENERGY Ltd. Gračanica was awarded a certificate confirming that its Quality Management System regarding the activities of electricity production complies with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008.

MARCH 2014
The Construction of Solar Power Plants in Stolac
The construction project of the Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant in Hodovo (Stolac municipality) was registered in the book of projects under construction “RESC” (Renewable Energy Sources and Efficient Cogeneration) at the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry.
The representatives of Eco Energy Ltd. had participated in a workshop on “Project Preparation for Participation in Sarajevo Business Forum 2014” with the aim of the most efficient presentation of the project of construction of the Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant to potential investors at the forum which was held on 14 and 15 May 2014 under the auspices of BBI Business Club.

JUNY 2013
The Construction of Solar Power Plants in Stolac
By purchasing the land in Hodovo, in the municipality of Stolac, the company Eco Energy Ltd. Gračanica secured the basic preconditions for the collection of all the necessary permits for the construction of the Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant.

The Construction of Solar Power Plants in Stolac
Eco Energy Ltd. launched an initiative to obtain the land as well as the approval for the construction of two solar power plants of 150kW each in Stolac.